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Aqeedah Series : Part 3 (Types of Tawheed)

Bismillah The Three Types Of Tawheed The scholars have traditionally divided the concept of  Tawheed (Oneness of Allah) into three types. These are the Tawheed of Lordship (Rububiyyah), the Tawheed of worship (Uluhiyyah) and the Tawheed of the Allah’s Names and Attributes (al-Asmaa’  wa al-Sifaat). This means that Allah is …

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Aqeedah Series : Part 2 (Shahadatayn)

Bismillah Shahadatayn (The two declarations of faith) Meaning: The shahadatayn are the two declarations of faith that mark the entry of a person into the fold of Islam. As such it is vital to know their meaning and implication because they are the bedrock upon which our faith is built. …

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Aqeedah Series : Part 1 (Conditions & Meaning)

THE CONDITIONS AND MEANING OF THE KALIMA Question:  What are the conditions of the statement La ilaaha illa Allah? Is it enough to just say it without understanding its meaning and what it entails? Answer: La ilaaha illa Allah is the best form of speech. It is the basis of …

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