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[Poem] Belief

Bismillah When some thoughts come I pick up my pen When there is no one I see up then I wonder at clouds so bright And the sunshine full of light When the sky is white When the world is so quite I always cry Why my heart doesn’t think? …

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[Poem] Deen is Green

Bismillah Sometimes I like to sit on my chair & wonder at things so rare I look at everything around me & love everything I see I see the birds flying high With the feeling of sigh I see the rivers flowing on its way Which makes my day But …

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[Poem] Running Time

Bismillah As hours pass by quickly Grows up fast the little baby You are in school then college hastily You complete your graduation lately You are 27 soon would be 47 Still growing up to find out about heaven Sometimes confused sometimes happy Time flies by so quickly As birthdays …

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[Poem] Wrong Turned Right

Bismillah When I saw him over there there was somethng in the air I smiled at him and thought he was my everything Days went by like that some happy some sad and soon we were more than friends and I dreamt of us in happy lands So here I …

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Serene Beauty

Poet   Serene beauty is an eloquent writer from India.She loves to write poems based on her life and on deen. She is 17 years old and wants to highlight the situation of teenagers in the world and the common problems they face through poems and articles. She would love …

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