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5 Simple ways to long, lustrous and healthy hair – Part 2

Part 1   #5  A Hair Treatment to try on a weekly basis  This is a weekly DIY (Do it yourself) Treatment scheduled for the week. It may seem like a lot of work but it will surely make a difference to your hair if you are regular with it inshaa’Allah. You may …

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5 Simple ways to long, lustrous and healthy hair – Part 1

   Part 2 Bismillah We’ve all seen the hair commercials, where a woman confidently displays her long and lustrous hair which is literally bouncing off her shoulders as she walks and we have thought to ourselves, “I wish I had that hair!.” Well, ladies, wish no more! The hair you’ve …

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Holiday Time – 6 Types of Halal Fun You Can Have With Your Family

Bismillah Assalamualaikum wa-rahmatullahi wa-barakatahu, It is holiday time!!! Be it Christmas vacation, summer break or as small as the weekends off, we all love holidays, do we not?! It is those precious few days we get to relax and get away from the everyday hustle-bustle as a student, an employee …

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The Perfect Muslimah

Bismillah The perfect Muslimah.  She is shy and retiring.  She covers from head to toe in voluminous black clothing, uncovering nothing of her face and only one eye to see her way on the road.  She walks silently and with gaze downcast.  She avoids talking and laughing so as not …

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Modern Muslimah Achievers – Ameera Rahim

What is Modern Muslimah Achievers?  Modern Muslimah Achievers is the brain child and effort of  “The Ideal Muslimah” to motivate, spread awareness and educate Muslim Sisters throughout the world about Muslim Female Achievers. A sincere effort to connect our muslim sister audience to the sisters who have achieved a stand …

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