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5 Benefits of Hardships and Calamities in Life

Bismillah Hardships and calamities are blessings in disguise; yes, I am serious. Despite the negative notion of “bad things happening,” the notion that bad things happen to good people is a more apt description. The Almighty gives his toughest battles to His strongest soldiers, a fact we should keep safely …

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Muslim Women: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Bismillah I’ve been wearing hijab for almost 16 years alhamdulillah, but I’ll be the first to say I didn’t always look “modest.” In fact, like most women, hijabi or otherwise, I’ve been through many phases trying to find my own personal style and getting comfortable with my body and self. Today …

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Your Heart Will Never Be The Same After Reading This Mother’s Tale

I walked up the stairs along with my daughter Nour in the poorly lit corridor. I entered the room shyly and in broken Arabic greeted all the sisters in the room. A family in this Syrian village had invited me for dinner and I looked forward to such invites. Not …

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5 Ways In Which Backbiting Destroys Lives

Bismillah  What is backbiting? The name for backbiting in Arabic is ‘gheeba’. Our Prophet – peace and blessings be upon him – told us that this is ‘Saying something about your brother that he dislikes.’ It was said, ‘What if what I say about my brother is true?’ He said, …

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