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6 Ways In Which You Can Stop Judging Hijabi Counterparts

Bismillah All Muslim women are at different stages of the development of their faith. No one wakes up one morning and is automatically the best Muslim woman. This process takes time, consistency and patience. How often have you come across sisters who are fully covered with hijab and yet their …

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Modesty (Haya) in the Light of Islam

Bismillah Modesty is a widely used term in today’s world. It is often misinterpreted as just the feelings of shyness or shame one has. Everyone has their own opinion of what being modest is and they try to brag about their levels of modesty while looking down upon others. Let …

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The Purpose of Hijab!

Bismillah It is good to see that most sisters of today are adapting the hijab to their life style, Alhamdulillah. Yet it is sad to see some sisters have totally forgotten the whole purpose of wearing the hijab. The purpose of the hijab is to obey Allah’s orders and wearing …

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