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Noorain Fathima

Drafting Editor and Graphic Designer  My name is Noorain, with my lord closer to me than my jugular vein, am trying to cross through this world so bane. Sweet like a sugar cane, one with the driving rain, currently pursuing Masters in Organic Chemistry (oh! lots of chemical stains!), from …

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Amina Wasi

Writer, Poet, Drafting Editor and Graphic Designer  Amina Wasi is currently a student in New York but grew up in Toronto, Canada.  She is a graphic design dilettante and most of her work is Islamic driven. Her interests include books, gaining Islamic Knowledge, studying and memorizing the Qur’aan, the Prophet …

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Ummi Hassan

Transcriber, Poet and Graphic Designer  Ummi-Hassan is a Muslimah who loves to read, learn & the share the knowledge she has gained. She is a home maker & a busy mom of a toddler but Alhamdulillah still manages to take out time to explore & research about the magnificant & …

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Farheen Naaz

Graphic Designer, Writer and Drafting Editor Farheen Naaz holds a Masters Degree in Child Psychology and is also trained to teach English language. She is a muslimah who is trying her best to make a difference, who simply wants to keep smiling while climbing through the world’s sometimes cacaophonous ways. …

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Unaiza Faiz

Graphic Designer and Drafting Editor Unaiza Faiz is a software engineer by profession. She treasures the free time she gets to share with her nieces and nephews. Passionate about graphic designing, reading and writing, she is constantly in pursuit of peace, which she believes can be achieved only with closeness …

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