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The Ideal Muslimah

Sabeen Mansoori

Writer Sabeen Mansoori is an artistically inclined homeschooling mother, an aspiring writer and a student of the Quran. She is passionate about writing and painting. Through her reflections in words and paint she strives to live a life of ihsaan (beauty and excellence). Her writings have been published at Muslimmatters, …

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Farheen Naaz

Graphic Designer, Writer and Drafting Editor Farheen Naaz holds a Masters Degree in Child Psychology and is also trained to teach English language. She is a muslimah who is trying her best to make a difference, who simply wants to keep smiling while climbing through the world’s sometimes cacaophonous ways. …

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Unaiza Faiz

Graphic Designer and Drafting Editor Unaiza Faiz is a software engineer by profession. She treasures the free time she gets to share with her nieces and nephews. Passionate about graphic designing, reading and writing, she is constantly in pursuit of peace, which she believes can be achieved only with closeness …

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Aasiya Maryam

Writer  “Aasiya Maryam (which is her pen name) is an amateur writer whose life changed when she found the love  of the One true friend – Allah subhaanahu wa taala. She shares Islamic articles from across the web along with tit-bits of her journey from darkness of dunya to finding …

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Nasmira Firdous

Writer and Drafting Editor Nasmira Firdous is a Nutritionist and Health Writer by profession. Currently pursuing Bachelors of Arts in Islamic Studies from Islamic Online University, she believes in balancing deen and dunya to climb the ladder of success. Passionate about painting and blogging, she loves to string her thoughts …

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[Poem] You

Bismillah Rabbi Zidnee Ilman “My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.” A time of intense darkness and blinding light, Of drowning in sin and then finding respite, Wandering lost and alone then finding my way home. Walking blind then learning how to see, Feeling constricted then learning how to breathe, Being …

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