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Ibtahal Minhaj is an Early Childhood educator by profession and the founder of GS Good Future Project in Western Australia. Currently pursuing her Bachelors in Islamic Studies from Islamic Online University. She is highly passionate about community work, counselling, blogging and writing. Ibtahal shows great interest in the role of Muslim females in the community, working closely within female youth groups to encourage them to be the best in their; careers and profession, passions, hobbies and to always strive to be viewed as respected leaders of their community. She someday hopes to run an organisation that works to better the life of vulnerable families and children within her community , become a hafidha, complete her Masters in Education and travel around the world. "Live each day as it comes- don't dwell too much on the past, and don't plan too much for the future, put your energy in now, in the present time for that will make you successfully in both worlds In Sha Allah, with the Will of Allah" ~ Ibtahal

Ramadan Cleaning: Getting The Act Together

Bismillah Rabbi Zidnee Ilman “My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.” Have you planned your Ramadan? It is about to take off in a couple of weeks, InshaAllah, which means it is high time to begin planning for the big month of great merits! It is a month of heavy-duty quality …

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‘Ibad-ur Rahman – The Rewards for ‘Ibad-ur Rahman | Part 10

Bismillah Rabbi Zidnee Ilman “My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.” Ola-ika yujzawna alghurfata bimasabaroo wayulaqqawna feeha tahiyyatan wasalama Those will be rewarded with the highest place because of their patience, therein they shall be met with greetings and the word of peace and respect. [75] Khalideena feeha hasunatmustaqarran wamuqama Abiding …

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‘Ibad-ur Rahman – Responding to the Ayat of Allah | Part 8

Bismillah Rabbi Zidnee Ilman “My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.”  And those who, when they are reminded of the Ayat of their Rabb, fall not deaf and blind thereat. {Surah Al-Furqan 25:73} Audio – Recitor (Maher al-Muaiqly) (Fast) Audio – Recitor (Hani Ar Rafai) (Slow) 8th Characteristic: They Respond To The Ayat …

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‘Ibad-ur Rahman – Asking Allah for “Coolness of the Eyes” | Part 9

Bismillah Rabbi Zidnee Ilman “My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.”  Wallatheena yaqooloona rabbanahab lana min azwajina wathurriyyatinaqurrata aAAyunin wajAAalna lilmuttaqeena imama And those who say: “Our Rabb! Bestow on us from our wives and our offspring the coolness of our eyes, and make us leaders for the Muttaqun.” {Surah Al-Furqan 25; …

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