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The angels and the Spirit will ascend to Him during a Day the extent of which is fifty thousand years. {70: 4}

Who wants to be Al-Jannah-illionaire?

Rabbi Zidnee Ilman
“My Lord! Increase me in your knowledge.”

Imagine you have not only witnessed, but experienced the Day of Judgement, guaranteed the scariest day out of your life. So much so, that you had to die and get resurrected for it. The longest day, by far if you made it to 100 years on Earth that day would equal 500 lifetimes.

The angels and the Spirit will ascend to Him during a Day the extent of which is fifty thousand years.
{Surat Al Ma’arij 70: Verse 4}

You just experienced havoc, erraticness, people running away from each other, even your own mother, father, family, friends and others.

But when there comes the Deafening Blast
On the Day, a man will flee from his brother.
And his mother and his father.
And his wife and his children.
For every man, that Day will be a matter adequate for him.
{Surat ‘Abasa 80: Verse: 37}

The real hunger games; you either make it or break it with your deeds…your life dependant on it. This is a day with too many kunyas (nicknames) attached to it.

يوم الدين Yawmud-Deen Day of Judgment Surat Fatiha 1: Verse 4
يوم الآخر Yawmul-Akhir Last Day Surat Al-Baqarah 2: Verse 8
يوم القيامة Yawmul-Qiyamah Day of Resurrection Surat Al-Baqarah 2: Verse 85
يوم لا ريب فيه Yawmul Laa Rayba Feeh A Day about which there is no doubt Surat Al-Imran 3: Verse 9
يوم عصيب Yawun-‘Aseeb A Distressful Day Surat Hud 11: Verse 77
يوم مجموع Yawmun-Majmoo’ A Day where mankind will be gathered together Surat Hud 11: Verse 103
يوم مشهود Yawmun-Mashhood A Day when all will be present Surat Hud 11: Verse 103
يوم لا بيع فيه ولا خلال Yawmul-Laa Bay’un Feehi wa Laa Khilaal A Day on which there will be no mutual bargaining nor befriending Surat Ibrahim 14: Verse 31
يوم الوقت المعلوم Yawmul-Waqtil-Ma’loom Day of the Time Appointed Surat Al-Hijr 15: Verse 38
يوم الحسرة Yawmul-Hasrah Day of Distress Surat Maryam 19:39
يوم عقيم Yawmun-‘Aqeem Day of Disaster Surat Al Hajj 22: Verse 55
يوم لا مرد له Yawmun-Laa Maraddalah A Day which none can avert it Surat Ar-Rum 30: Verse 43
يوم البعث Yawmul-Ba’th Day of Resurrection Surat Ar-Rum 30: Verse 56
يوم الفتح Yawmul-Fath Day of Decision Surat As-Sajdah 32: Verse 29
يوم الفصل Yawmul-Fasl Day of Sorting Out Surat As-Saffat 37: Verse 21
يوم الحساب Yawmul-Hisab Day of Account Surat Sad 38: Verse 16
يوم التلاق Yawmut-Talaaq Day of Mutual Meeting Surat Ghafir 40: Verse 15
يوم الآزفة Yawmul-Aazifah The Day That Is Drawing Near Surat Ghafir 40: Verse 18
يوم التناد Yawmut-Tanaad The Day When There Will Be Mutual Calling Surat Ghafir 40: Verse 32
يوم الجمع Yawmul-Jam’i Day of Gathering Surat Ash-shuraa 42: Verse 7
يوم الوعيد Yawmul-Wa’eed Day of Warning Surat Qaf 50: Verse 20
يوم الخلود Yawmul-Khulood Day of Eternal Life Surat Qaf 50: Verse 34
يوم الخروج Yawmul-Khurooj Day of Coming Out Surat Qaf 50: Verse 42
يوم عسر Yawmun ‘Asir A Hard Day Surat Al-Qamr 54: Verse 8
يوم نحس مستمر Yawmu Nahsim Mustamirr A Violent Day Surat Al Qamr 54: Verse 19
يوم التغابن Yawmut-Taghabun Day of Mutual Loss and Gain Surat At-Taghabun 64: Verse 9
يوم عسير Yawmun-‘Aseer A Hard Day Surat Al-Muddathir 74: Verse 9
يوم الحق Yawmul-Haqq Day of Truth Surat An-Naba 78: Verse 39
يوم الموعود Yawmul-Maw’ood Promised Day Surat Al-Buruj 85: Verse 2
الساعة As-Saa’ah The Hour Surat Al An’am 6: Verse 31
الواقعة Al-Waqi’ah The Event Surat Al-Waqiah 56: Verse 1
الحاقة Al-Haqqah The Reality Surat Al-Haqqah 69: Verse 1
القارعة Al-Qari’ah The Striking Hour Surat Al-Haqqah 69: Verse 4
الطآمة الكبرى At-Taammatul-Kubra The Greatest Catostrophe Surat Nazi’at 79: Verse 34
الصاخة As-Sakhkhah The Trumpet Blast Surat A’basa 80: Verse 33
الغاشية Al-Ghashiyah The Overwhelming Surat Ghashiyah 88: Verse 1

Bear in mind that everyone may not be on the same level. Your friends, family etc. You just came from the Day of judgment where you ran from your own mother – nafsi nafsi nafsi… me… me… me… erratic!! You took deeds from others and they took from you! This is the real cut-throat game! There’s no fooling around…

But, congratulations, you just passed the first competition which allowed you in to the game of “Who wants to be a Al-Jannah-illionaire?”
That competition was cut-throat, and not meant for anyone to just win. You just crossed the sirat, thin as a hair and sharper than a sword that is spanned through Hellfire itself. Some of you may have breezed right through it like the wind itself, some in a blink of an eye, and some of you faster than the speed of light or even sound, and some may have stumbled or crawled. Some of you had light as large as the distance between Earth and the sky to guide you while some of you had a faltering light flicker on their baby toe to guide them; but nevertheless, you made it to the other side and that’s what matters.

Which is why you’ve made it to this round. Moving forward, fear, anxiety, loss, evil, depression, shakiness will be something of the past. A myth. You are guaranteed to never experience those words ever again, like a broken promise….they’ll be just empty words.

Are you ready to play?
Because you my friend are now in the preliminary round on who wants to be a Jannah-illionaire. These are the rules of the game. You have three lifelines.

      • Phone a friend
      • Ask the audience
      • Double Dip

So imagine…you just went through a three-part test to get to this point. Life on earth, your trial through the grave and experienced the day of judgement and just passed the sirat, a bridge that no man created and it was strictly by divine design that you get through it, the only way to get through it. You are tired, you’re hungry but also, you are humming with excitement. You just made it and as you turn around you see everyone else that has too.

Now that you’re on the other side you notice that between you and Al-Jannah is a river called Al-Kantara. Al-Kantara is your final purification process. It’s the place that will determine where your ranking will be in Al-Jannah. You also have the opportunity to drink from the blessed and beautiful hands of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W honirific symbol from the fountain of Al-Kawthar, a fountain in which once you drink from, you’ll never feel thirst again. The purpose of this game is that the answer to the question is solely dependent on your action in Dunya.
So where do you think you may rank?
The purpose of this game is to self-evaluate where you think you may land loosely based off of your current self. This piece is designed for it to be a fun, self-evaluation, of a sort. So the question in this game is: Which gate of Al-Jannah will you enter from?

      • Baabul Rayan (Gate of Fast): So, if fasting is an act of worship that you can observe righteously, with proper intent, before, whilst, and after…then this is your gate. Welcome!
      • Baabul Sadaqah (Gate of Charity): So if you are the giving type by nature, even something as a smile for the sake of Allah Subhanahu-wa-Taala then this will be your entrance. Welcome!
      • Baabul Salaah (Gate of Prayer): If you are one to observe your minimum five daily prayers on time. Welcome!
      • Baabul Jihad (Gate of Struggle): Those who’ve made jihad (struggled) for the sake of Allah Subhanahu-wa-Taala, be it Jihad of the Nafs (Inner struggle) or jihad fee sabillilah, then this is your gate. Welcome!
      • Baabul Kaathimeenal Ghaith Wal’Aafina’Anin Naas: If you’re the type of person that can keep your anger in check and have the ability to forge within yourself a forgiving nature then this is your gate. Welcome!
      • Baabul Hajj: If you’re someone who’s observed their Hajj and it was accepted by Allah Subhanahu-wa-Taala then this is your gate. Welcome!
      • Baabul Iman: This gate is for the people with high imaan. They are the people who don’t judge and reprimand others. This gate was designed for you then. Welcome!
      • Baabul Dhikr: If you are the kind of person who’s heart and tongue are in constant remembrance of Allah Subhanahu-wa-Taala then this is your gate. Welcome!

Whichever your answer is, good job! You just made it to the next round on who wants to be a Jahannah-illionaire. Here is your green silk robe with golden embroidery and your very first meal awaits you; liver of the fish jannah style – unlike you’ve ever seen, tasted or imagined. Your first drink in Al-Jannah will be from the fountain of Salsabeel. The Prophet Muhammad S.A.W honirific symbol is now waiting for you at your gate in Al-Jannah with the most radiant smile on his face, he can’t wait to personally escort you to your palace in Jannah. The question is…which level will you rank in? That’s all for today guys, congratulations on making it this far, and we shall see you next time in “Who Wants to be a Al-Jannah-illionaire?”

Authored by Shaimaa Kraba
Edited by Tasneem Moolla

Prophet Muhammad- "Convey (knowledge) from me even if it is just one ayah." [Bukhari 3461]

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