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How to Plan a Halal Party : Games, Islamic & Personal Touch

Halal Part Part 2

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Once you are done with the basic plan that I shared in Part 1 it’s time to sprinkle elements of halal fun to your event. Here’s a list of amazing ideas  to help you make your party a fun event, inshaAllah!

Theme Based Party:
Adding a theme to your get-together will add loads of fun and excitement to the event. The best part being that your friends can also get involved in planning for preparations that go with the theme. Here are some ideas that it can be based upon:

  • Potluck: This is where each friend selects one food item that they prepare for the party. It works out best not only on the budget level but also involves everyone in the preparation rather than one person.
  • Color theme: Select one color and chose the entire setting, dress code etc., based on the same.
  • Cultural Theme: Ex. desi theme or Mexican theme
  • Makeup/dress up parties: This is fun especially since we don’t dress up for parties, so it would be something to look forward to if you love to dress up. Of ‘course, it goes unsaid that you should make sure that there are no non-mahrams around.
  • Pre-bridal/baby shower Party: Getting together to plan a party turns into a mini party itself! 😀

Islamic Touch:
How about including Islamic activities in your party, which would not only please Allah subhaana wa ta’aala, but also be an educative get-together, helping everyone gain more knowledge bi’ithnillah? There could be nothing more rewarding than making use of your time to get closer to Allah subhaana wa ta’aala with your best buddies around. Here’s what you could do:

  • Quran Recitation/Memorization contest  : What better way to start your halal party with the magnificent and soothing words of Allah subhaana wa ta’aala.
  • Islamic Quiz/JAM : It could be based on the life of Prophets (alayhis salaam), about the sahabas, women (radhiAllahu anha) around the messenger (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) pillars of Islam… etc., SubhanAllah, there are so many topics you can cover. One or all, make a collective decision and start preparing! For the quiz, the Quiz master – may be the host or one of the friends can prepare the questions, it’s really upto you to decide how many levels you want to have and you can also brainstorm to add some twists into each level. Or have a just a minute or JAM session where you have the traditional JAM where a person picks up a chit and talks about the topic she gets or you can have the modern JAM where you bang bang bang the desk and “jam” the person when they make any type of grammatical error or use time wasting tactics like “repetition, hesitation or deviation”!
  • Charity : It would be a great idea to do something for charity. For example, all of you could collect clothes, food or money and visit the local orphanage or madrasa before or after the meal; or all of you can get together about two or three hours before the meal, bake some great cookies or cupcakes. Take them to an orphanage and distribute it to the kids. You would not only have fun baking together but also would have added rewards into your book of good deeds. Wouldn’t that give a great feeling to collectively have done something for others with your best buddies, inshaAllah?

Allah (subhaana wa ta’aala) says; “You cannot attain to righteousness unless you spend (in charity) out of what you love.”
{Surat Al Imran  3: Verse 92}

(P.S. Don’t forget to make arrangements for Salah too!)

Fun Games:
Organize games to avoid boredom and unnecessary gossips. If you have different age groups, make sure you choose such games which would involve everyone so no one feels left out.

  • Master Chef: One can combine the potluck party with this one. So once everyone brings in food, you set up a panel of judges who decide whose food tastes best and the person is given the “master-chef” title. Another idea (if you’ve got a big kitchen :P) would be to make a group of 2’s or 3’s, select a category of food like starters, snacks or desserts. Set up a time limit and prepare the food. You could also go a step further and give each group a budget and time to go grocery shopping!! That’s surely going to be SO much fun, inshaAllah!
  • Board/Word Games: Arrange for (dice-less) board games like scramble, housey or indoor games like carom board!
  • Treasure Hunt: Who would not love to go searching for that treasure? As the host, plan out on the clues and the final “treasure” in advance. Take the help of a friend if required. Makes teams and let the hunt begin! 😉

Personal Touch:
Give a personal touch to the event. Here are some ideas you could try:

  • Name cards on the table. You could also give each one of your friends a title that goes with their character (No mean names of ‘course!)
  • DIY items like headbands, bracelets can be made for each friend. Or you can make this a part of the event, where you ask each friend to make something for another friend. Not only will you have some fun memories to take away but also a memoir!
  • At the end of the party give return gifts to everyone. It could be a general gift or if you have the time, specific gift for each person depending on their tastes and things they love.

Those were a few exciting halal ideas that you can use when hosting a party, inshaAllah. But, hey we aren’t done with this series yet…do you want to know how to plan a successful bridal shower or baby shower? How about a potluck or theme based party too? Then, do read the next part in this series where I will share with you some quick advices and ideas to plan a successful ‘xyz’ party, inshaAllah.

Authored By Aasiya Maryam
Edited by Shamsiya Noorul Quloob

Prophet Muhammad - "Convey (knowledge) from me even if it is just one ayah" [Bukhari 3461]

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