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''Islam guides mankind not only to the importance of time but also how to value it.''

Ramadān Qur’an Gem 24 {42:36}: ”Putting life in perspective”



Putting Life in Perspective

So whatever you have been given is but (a passing) enjoyment for this worldly life, but that which is with Allah is better & more lasting for those who believe & put their trust in their Lord.

{Surat Ash-Shuuraa 42:36}

  • There are two comparisons that we must constantly make. Whatever that Allah has is (1) better and (2) lasts longer. When buying new clothes, just think the clothing that Allah will give me, is better. Do the same for other life experiences. It’s a small reminder but will put our entire life in perspective because the akhirah will become something that we think about all the time.
  • There is a saying that if we make something big, it becomes a big deal and if we make something small, it becomes a small thing. This ayah is about making akhirah big, and making dunya small.
  • We make a ten to fifteen year plan to accomplish certain goals in life eg. in terms of career, wealth, etc & there is nothing wrong with that. But if we internalize this ayah, we’ll learn to put those plans in one compartment & in the other compartment is the realization that all of that means if I’m not building for my akhirah. They are meaningless, not any kind of accomplishment at all, if they don’t take me closer in becoming a better slave of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’aala).
  • We need to learn to utilize our time the right way. We make long-term plans for our worldly pursuits, but what about the akhirah? How do we practically plan for the akhirah? We make a daily plan. It all boils down to. How did I spend my time today? What am I going to do afterwards? How will I spend tomorrow? When am I going to erase those useless games off my phone? When am I going to stop watching so much TV? What am I going to do with my “free” time? Our “free time” is not free! We may not be paying it now, but we will be paying for it later – there is a price & our deeds are all on record.
  • When are we going to hold ourselves to a higher standard if not today? Let’s stop wasting time! Make serious commitment to yourself to live your day differently sincerely to earn the pleasure of Allah, starting today!

Gems from “Putting Life In Perspective” khutbah by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan.

Gems extracted by Aida Msr – Aida is a fellow sister and friend from Malaysia. She aspires to continuously learn, improve and be a better Muslimah. Today’s media age, in which we are constantly exposed with negative influences, she believes it is our responsibility to put the media to better use by reaching out and reminding others what Allah has commanded in Surah Al-Asr. She prays that the imprints she leaves behind will be beneficial to others.

Authored by Sister Aida Misr
Edited and Drafted by Sana Abdul Samad

Prophet Muhammad - "Convey (knowledge) from me even if it is just one ayah" [Bukhari 3461]

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