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Ramadān Qur’an Gem 1 {19: 59} : “Khalfun”

Ramadān Gem 1 {19: 59} : "Khalful"



“Then, there has succeeded them a posterity who have given up As-Salat, & have followed lusts. So they will be thrown in Hell.”
{Surat Maryam 19: Verse 59}

In Surat Maryam ayaah 58, Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’alaa) tells us about amazing Prophets. Then in ayaah 59 is a description of  ‘khalfun’ that came afterwards. In classical Arabic, ‘khalfun’ means people (example- progeny/ generation) who are left behind that are very bad.
 The question arises that if such amazing Prophets came before, then how can the generation after became so bad? Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’alaa) elaborates how things went wrong & this is VERY IMPORTANT & EXTREMELY RELEVANT to all of us:

Step #1:
They wasted / neglected / were careless with their prayers.

The scholars commented:
→ They were not particular about the TIMING of the prayer.
→ They neglected the CONCENTRATION & quality of their prayer.
→ They started to LEAVE the masaajid empty due to worldly pursuits & pleasures.

Note that these people still pray! But they lack the 3 aspects mentioned above. Each of us should take a long, hard look at the mirror & do self-critic on the above.
This is the beginning of the slippery slope of their downfall. When we read about these people, we think: “Man, those are some bad people! Isn’t going to happen to me! I may not be that perfect, but at least I’m not that bad!” Be careful: Everything starts a little somewhere. That first slip is when one becomes careless with the prayers & everything else will start to snowball & go downhill from there onwards.
Never belittle your prayers! When Umar ibn al-Khattab (RadiAllahu Anhu) became Caliph, he wrote a letter to his governors that the most important of any of their issues is the prayer because whosoever becomes neglectful of their prayers will be even more neglectful about anything else.

Step #2:
They followed their carnal animal desires. So they will be thrown in Hell.

“But there came after them successors who neglected prayer and pursued desires; so they are going to meet evil”
{Surat Maryam 19: Verse 59}
From tafseer of Surat Maryam by Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda.
Gems extracted by Aida Msr – Aida 
is a fellow sister and friend from Malaysia. She aspires to continuously learn, improve and be a better Muslimah. Today’s media age, in which we are constantly exposed with negative influences, she believes it is our responsibility to put the media to better use by reaching out and reminding others what Allah has commanded in Surah Al-Asr. She prays that the imprints she leaves behind will be be beneficial to other.
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