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Learn Tajweed With Yasir Qadhi : Makhaarij Ash-Shafatayn & Al-Khayshum (Episode 6)

Makhaarij Ash-Shafatayn (Points of Articulation of the Lips)
Makhraj Al-Khayshum (Point of Articulation of the Nasal Cavity)


1. Allah has referred to Qur’an by many names, qur’an is one of the most repeated names which occurs 70 times in the qur’an.

2. Meaning of Qur’an – “The recitation” which from the root word qara’aa. It is the recitation because Allah azza wa jal recited it to jibreel aleyhi salaam and he recited it to prophet Muhammad salallahu aleyhi wasallam and he recited it to us.

3. From the other names of the qur’an is “Al Kitab” this is a very common name as well. Al kitaab means that which has been written down. And we know qur’an has been written down by Allah azza wa jal in lawhal mahfooz – The preserved tablet. And it was also written on the command of prophet salallahu aleyhi wasallam and preserved till our times.

4. Qur’an is also known as  “Az-Dhikr” – The remembrance, because we are reminded of Allah,our purpose of life and why Allah created us.

5. Al Furqaan which means the criterion, that which differentiates truth from evil, falsehood “al batil” from “al haqq” which is the truth. Guides us what we should do and we should not.

6. At – Tanzeel which means that which has come down from Allah subhanahu wata’aa’la and there are many more names.

7. In this episode we talk about letters that emanate from the lips. 4 Letters come from the lips. They are subdivided into 2 categories
a) From Both Lipsب (ba) , و (wow) , م (meem)
b) Just from the Lower lip (dry area) + Upper Teethف (fa)

8. ب (ba) comes from inner part of both lips coming together.

9. م (meem) is the most common sound of all of mankind. There is not a single language except that it has the sound “ma”.

10. و (wow) comes from both the lips but you dont make them touch you make a circle with them.

11. Some people get confused between va and ف (fa). The difference is va uses the lower part of the lower lip (wet area) and ف (fa) uses upper part of the upper lip (dry area).

12. The last area where sound comes from is the Nose/Nasal Cavity – the sound that emanates is called “Ghunnah”. Closest thing to it in english is “humming”. It is silent “n” pronounced. You will notice that the sound comes from the nose. If you try to close your nose and emanate this sound you wont be able to do it. Because the place where ghunnah comes from is the nose.

13. In this episode we will not be discussing when to do the Ghunnah, that will be covered in the next episode.

Recitation of Surat Ad Duha
Notes by Shamsiya Noorul Quloob 

Tajweed 6

Prophet Muhammad - "Convey (knowledge) from me even if it is just one ayah" [Bukhari 3461]

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