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O Allah, keep us firm upon Tawheed, and bless us for it

[Poem] Tawheed – What Is It?


A silent relief in the storm, a divine light in darkness,
A soothing comfort in sorrows, an immense joy in sadness,
A beautiful patience in hardships, when you wear a smile on your face whilst your soul bleeds,
When you believe in the oneness of your lord without a slightest doubt, that’s tawheed!

The Only creator of the mesmerizing heavens and the earth,
Your existence isn’t just by chance, everything was planned even your birth,
When in spite of all the trouble, to the heart becomes beloved every good deed,
When you truly prostrate and praise only Al – Ahad, glorifying His wonderful names and attributes, that’s tawheed!

Have you ever reflected, that being born in a Muslim Household itself is a blessing bestowed upon few,
If you don’t acknowledge this fact, then go ask how difficult it is to lead a life without Islam to those who converted, the Muslims who are new,
You have by your side, the Kindest Master able upon all and without whose permission, doesn’t even come to life, a tiny seed,
When you accept the decree of Al – Samad without questioning HIS wisdom, that’s tawheed.

How amazingly strong is that sacred faith which requires a blind yet sincere love and trust,
Holding on firm to a known yet an unseen rope, in times when you are shattered and about to burst,
Yet deep within you know, it’s the only truth, how could anyone deny the Most Benevolent lord whose mercy beyond His wrath exceeds?
When you appreciate the beauty of the creations for the sake of that self-sufficient creator, that’s tawheed!

Al – Musawwir – who fantastically moulded the marvelous creations,
Astonishingly unique is every bit of every generation,
Even the Sun, the moon, the stars, the trees – bowed down in Complete Submission without any greed,
Yes! When you completely surrender your soul to that Supreme entity, yearning only for HIS blessed countenance, that’s tawheed!

When you love for your brother what you love for yourself, without any personal gain or a specific need,
When you smile at the strangers, show them a cheerful face even after a hard day whilst passing by a street,
When in the darkest of nights, you talk to your creator in the everlasting sujoods, Jannah being your plead,
When you embrace that headscarf, lower your gaze when in the college or park and you hate to disbelieve,

When you adore the Kalaaamullah and your hand readily gives sadaqaaa, helping all those in need,
When you fear the ultimate reckoning, the questions in the grave, when you know deep within that to Him you belong and will return as that’s decreed,
When living in a world filled with corruption and filth becomes hard, where every day is a new trial, although seems impossible yet you proceed,
Yaa Ummah of Mohammad! This is what you mean by TAWHEED! When you take the Jihad up fee sabeelillaah, that’s tawheed!

Yaa Ahlul Bashar! When you not only read but LIVE by the Shahaadaah, that’s TAWHEED!

Poem by Muslimah Poetess ♦ To Read more about the Poet CLICK HERE
Edited by Farheen Naaz ♦ To Read more about the Editor CLICK HERE

Prophet Muhammad - "Convey (knowledge) from me even if it is just one ayah" [Bukhari 3461]

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