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O Allah! Make me from among those who repent and make me from among those who purify themselves.

[POEM] Jannah Calling – Wake Up!


Jannah Calling-Wake up Nihaad GazalWhy sometimes just at the beginning of our journey, we force ourselves to give up?
Why cant we stop complaining, whining, fighting or for a while, just take it up

Why are we so weak from within that we fail to enjoy the essence of Patience,
Why does the negativity rule over our heads, isn’t it mere Arrogance?

Why do we only notice the thorns giving a frightening pose?
Can’t we see that originally it engulfs a beautiful rose?

Why do we act blind although we can see?
Why do we allow the Sataan to stir our emotions, don’t we know to Allah we shall flee?

Why do we believe that darkness will always stay without the light?
Isn’t it the divine rule that the glorious dawn arrives at the break of every night?

Why can’t we wait without a sigh for that awesomest ease?
Where is the trust that Allah deserves, when we know its Only HIM Who decrees,

Why can’t we forget the issues whilst simply flashing our gorgeous smiles?
We know these days can’t last, it’s just for a while,

Why so often we break, we cry, we bleed and ultimately despair?
Don’t we know that Allah is AL – Mujeeb who is there to fix our troubles, who can easily repair?

Why do we yearn to drown in this fierce storm which is fast approaching?
Instead, couldn’t we learn to swim? Atleast try to be from the team that’s winning,

Why are the sorrows so dear? For the future which is taken care of, we simply fear?
Why? Oh lord! Why? Are we like this?
Don’t we know soon we will reach the ultimate bliss?

Why are we in a hurry although we know everything will occur in its own course of time,
Lets hold on to HIS rope, and the ultimate end will be sublime,

Be amongst the Jannah fighters, who struggle hard in this duniya, No matter how gorgeous it may seem,
It will meet its end soon as its Faniyaa.

Poem by Muslimah Poetess ♦ To Read more about the Poet CLICK HERE
Edited by Nasmira Firdous ♦ To Read more about the Editor CLICK HERE

Prophet Muhammad - "Convey (knowledge) from me even if it is just one ayah" [Bukhari 3461]

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