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“And He found you lost, and guided [you]” - Quran [93:7]

[Poem] Guidance – The Light of a Soul


A ship sailing amidst the fierce storms along with the long gusts of wind,
Moving with no direction, unaware of destination without even a slightest hint,

A soul drowned in the waters of absurd confusion and heedlessness,
Enormous transgressions, walking blindfolded without any seriousness,

Sins upon sins, lumps of filth stored intensely within,
Bleeding wounds, freshest scars, struggling for survival yet barely breathing,

Hearts lost in the world of desires, caged in the shackles of attachments,
In spite of being amongst the nasty crowd, they find themselves lonely in a weird compartment,

Although there is everything, coolest lifestyle, freedom of choice and luxurious upbringing,
Yet there’s a void which hurts, conscience says, “there is something big that’s missing”,

Caught in the web of blurred visions and petty realities,
Entangled amidst the endless frightening darkness, craving for clarities,

You know you are wrong, you can’t deceive yourself for this long,
This inner acknowledgment is what that set you free, keeping you strong,

It is as such times that the hidden truth unveils, changing the destinies,
A miracle which was planned by the lord of the heavens who decrees,

A sudden realization, sparks of light enters deep within, a feeling not describable,
A priceless ni’ma from the Ar – Rahmaan that descended as Guidance which for you to seek on your own was impossible,

A rigid hope that now the pieces of puzzles will fall in place,
Embracing the only love that lasts, the restlessness has now settled with grace,

It’s the blessing of Hidaya which changes your world upside down,
When the truth triumphs and you proudly wear your muslimah crown,

Your hunt stops only when you surrender to the one who is above the seven skies,
when you accept the reality, believing in the oneness of your beloved lord is where the tranquility lies,

Its only then when you find yourself as HE found you lost and guided you,
Its only then when the fluorescent light illuminates your being, astonishing you,

Tears now swell in your little eyes and Joy conquers your purest heart,
When you connect with Al – Sattaar, bidding byes to the terrible sins, you gradually depart,
Seasons of light prevails, Rehma from al – A’dl surrounds,
When you raise those shivering hands with sincere tawbah, angels gather all around,

From the darkness of the nights to the pearly white beautiful days,
From an absolute music freak to a modest Hijaabi who lowers her gaze,

From tuning in to a movie collection to a series of the Islamic lectures,
From gluing to the TV screens to that of spending time in dhikr, the rewarding whispers,

From the love of piling fashion magazines to that of the amazing surahs of Quraan,
From visiting night clubs to attending halaqaas in masjids for uplifting the Imaan,

From the prettiest girl in college to a decent slave who has taqwa and determination,
From ‘dying for attention’ to the one who wants Allah’s protection,

This is divine transformation from the duniya to this Ever so mesmerizing Deen,
No more enslavement to this transitory life, different from how you have been,

Nothing is hard when Allah plans it for you,
All he says is “ BE and IT IS’, here it’s done for you,

It’s the situations HE creates to get you back on the righteous track,
HE knows when to raise the curtains, to help in places where you lack,

When there was no escape neither was anyone there for rescue,
Darkness prevailed, critical was every issue,

When you are forced to remember al – Ahad, who is with the Mutawakkileen,
Without a choice you had to believe, and so you did with Yaqeen,
He doesn’t burden any soul beyond it can bear, indeed HE is Al Gaffaar and Raheem,

Paths are then shown, doors are opened by HIS mercy guiding people to their khair,
Destinations reached, goals achieved, all we need is to trust OUR rabb without fail.

Authored by Nihaad Gazal ♦ To Read more about the Author CLICK HERE
Edited by Farheen Naaz ♦ To Read more about the Editor CLICK HERE

Prophet Muhammad - "Convey (knowledge) from me even if it is just one ayah" [Bukhari 3461]

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