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"Worship God and join not any partners with Him; and be kind to your parents..." [Quran 4:36]

Motherhood Changed Me Altogether


My journey so far as a mother is compelling me to write a few words about the strongest bond ever named ‘’MOTHERHOOD’’.

Well going back to my past, when I was about to get married even I had dreamt a lot about being a mother but then I think I was too immature because for me it was just an emotional feeling mixed with joy, pain of labour, making your husband a proud father and getting a new doll to play with. I never realized how big a responsibility Motherhood is until I really did experience. I guess it’s somewhat same for all young mothers.

My daughter is just 2, I know all mothers reading are thinking it’s not yet time for me to write about it. But trust me I have changed a lot and I want to share the feeling with all mothers and mothers to be.

Before being a mother of course we are all so independent, we have time for household works, for browsing, for home facials, for chatting, for prayers and Quran, for shoppings, for gatherings etc.

The first day as a mother I realized this is no doll nor just a cute feeling … The baby in my arms is the biggest blessing I have ever received and it’s my responsibility to bring her up as a good human being and obedient Muslimah. The most challenging task for every parent!

Motherhood really did change me; it made me more patient, more affectionate, more loving, more understanding and far more humble. The greatest achievement was I realized the pain my parents must have gone through bringing me up. Now I don’t know how I spent my time before my sweetheart was born.


Sometimes I feel I’m being ungrateful when I keep complaining that I don’t get time for myself, I’m getting too tired, I want to sleep properly for one night, I want to eat without botheration..

Yes I am being ungrateful for I forget at times that all these are a part of the blessing which i should not complain about. May Allah forgive me and all others for some words we would have used unknowingly.

I sometimes imagine the state of mothers with mentally disabled kids or babies with heart problems or a handicapped child…Every time you look into your kids eyes you will feel the pain.

Ya Allah give patience to all such mothers and bless every woman with a healthy baby.

When a lady gets pregnant everyone around her give 101 tips. Being a mother for the first time she would really be confused what to do and what not to. Some even tell to drink milk with saffron so as to get a fair baby. Let’s realize no color, no brains, no body can be attained without Allah’s consent. What a carrying lady should do is trust in Allah and pray to get a healthy baby which is most important of all.

Let us not forget to prayer for all those couples who are married for years and are desperate for a baby. May Allah bless all such couples, also those mothers who could not experience motherhood even after carrying and giving birth to her child May Allah bless them with better kids and make life easier for them.

And We ordained upon man concerning his parents; his mother bore him enduring weakness upon weakness, and his suckling is up to two years – therefore be thankful to Me and to your parents; finally towards Me is the return. (Surat Al Luqman 31:14)

This Quranic verse is a proof for mankind about the hardship a mother undergoes in bringing up her child. Quran warns us to be grateful to our parents and Allah reminds us that we all return to him and will be questioned about our acts.

Although my girl messes the whole house, take hours to eat, scares me with her naughty tricks, embarrasses me in front of people


When her tiny arms are around my neck the innocent love makes my day, when her tender lips touch my cheeks I forget all my worries, when she cries I lose concentration, when she is about to fall my heart skips a beat, when she’s hurt I feel the pain, when she doesn’t eat it keeps me worrying the whole day, the sound of her giggle keeps me lively, when she is happy I simply feel good and finally when she sleeps for long I really really get bored.

SubhanAllah, for the love and mercy Allah induced in the hearts of mothers…

All mothers reading this lets make sure we never utter any word against the blessing and make sure we bring up our kids in the right way not just loving them but being a living example for them. Kids may not learn what we teach them but for sure they will grasp everything we do.

May Allah (subhana wa taala) bless all mothers with patience, understanding and kids who will love them always.

Authored by Khadija Nourin Ibrahim ♦ To Read more about the Author CLICK HERE
Edited by Unaiza Faiz ♦ To Read more about the Editor CLICK HERE

Prophet Muhammad - "Convey (knowledge) from me even if it is just one ayah" [Bukhari 3461]

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