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Modern Muslimah Achievers – Zohra Sarwari

What is Modern Muslimah Achievers?

Moderm Muslimah Ahievers is the brain child and effort of  “The Ideal Muslimah” to motivate, spread awareness and educate Muslim Sisters throughout the world about Muslim Female Achievers. A sincere effort to connect our muslim sister audience to the sisters who have achieved a stand and stance in life. A minor memoir of the struggles, ideals, inspirations, advice and hard word that pushed and molded our Achievers into who they are today.

Modern Muslimah Achievers - Zohra Sarwari

Full Name: Zohra Sarwari
Date of Birth and Year: April 1975
Place of Birth: Kandahar, Afghanistan
Place of Residence: Fishers, Indiana
Ethnicity: Muslim Afghan American
Marital Status: Married yes mashAllaah
Number of kids: 4 mashAllaah.

About Sister Zohra Sarwari
Zohra Sarwari is an author of 11 books, mother of 3 Homeschooling Curriculums, international speaker, entrepreneur, publisher,  and teacher to 4 kids, while raising a newborn, mashAllaah.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a master’s Degree in Business Administration, and she is currently taking classes for a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies.  Her passion is teaching Muslims to become the best they can be, inshAllaah, while teaching Non-Muslims about the true Islaam.  She spends her time teaching her kids, going on speaking tours, coaching Muslims, and working on her cirriculums.  She prays that within 2-3 years time frame she is able to have a full-online school for kids all over the World inshAllaah.  She has been seen on CBS, FOX News, and many other TV channels.  She has also been interviewed in many Magazines, Newspapers, and Radio Shows.  She speaks at many of the best Colleges, Universities, and Islamic centers mashAllaah.  Her 3 children have authored 11 book together, mashAllaah.

She prays that within 2-3 years time frame she is able to have a full-online school for kids all over the World inshAllaah.

Number and Names of Books published.
Author of 11 books. Please find this on my store at my website:  www.ZohraSarwari.com

Name of the organization you work for/started.
I work for myself.  Alhamdullilah.  I started Zohra Sarwari.com, www.MuslimWomanSpeaker.com  www.SuperChargeHomeSchooling.com  www.EmanPublishing.com  www.AlyaNuri.com  www.ZafarNuri.com and www.ArsalonNuri.com

Describe a day in your everyday life
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, I usually start my day off with praying tahhajud, then fajr, then practicing for my Qur’aan class.  My kids are also up at the same time mashAllaah, and do the same thing.  Kids have breakfast after fajr salah.  After practicing for Qur’aan then we begin with our other studies inshAllaah.  I homeschool the kids and make sure they are each studying their subjects and I then work on my own homework.  When my parents wake up I take care of them, have lunch, take my Qur’aan class,  pray thuhr, then take a power nap.  Wake up back to studying, teaching taking care of the baby and my parents.  Work on dinner, speeches, exercise and cleaning up.  Do some tafsir at night time with the family, sit with my parents and talk to them, then off to bed.  Allaah first, then the sunnah, then my parents, then my kids and husband.  Everyone else will be when I have time inshAllaah.  Alhamdullilah..

Allaah first, then the sunnah, then my parents, then my kids and husband.  Everyone else will be when I have time inshAllaah.  Alhamdullilah..

What keeps you consistent in your work? 
My motivation is that I have to answer to Allaah for everything that I do or say, so I want to try to do good things and say good things inshAllaah.  Wanting Allaah happy with me, and wanting to be with the Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) and the Sahaba (RA), and the righteous who follow them until the Day of Judgement.

As a woman how do you balance work and family life?
By putting the most important things first then adding other things in as I need to.

Who is your inspiration? 
My role models are the Prophet Muhammad (SAAW), the messengers of Allaah (PBUT) and the Sahaba (RA)

What was your turning point in life?
When I felt that I had achieved almost everything in dunya and I was not happy.

When I felt that I had achieved almost everything in dunya and I was not happy.

As a Muslim woman, have you faced any difficulties – whether it was donning the hijab/niqab or discrimination in the work place or anything else? And How did you overcome/deal with it?
Yes, I am sure we all do in one way or another.  I have overcome them by smiling, being patient, and persevering through it for the sake of Allaah.  Life goes on and Allaah loves those are patient and keep moving.

Share a funny or embarrassing moment you faced during the course of your work or dawah.
SubhanAllaah, my first speech to a University I was late while all of the students and staff were awaiting my presence.  Then my laptop would not connect to theirs, and we had to copy the PP into their usb, and make it work.  It was very embarrassing for me to be late and so many technical issues to take place.  Alhamdullilah once it began it all went well, but it was quite a rough start.  Alhamdullilah.

Recently Scholars like Dr Akram Nadwi have written about the lost female scholarship, how do you think we can empower woman to attain the same status, dignity and leadership as was present in our rich history?
By teaching them as young girls to love the deen and helping guide them to take these roles.  That being a female scholar is not a bad role, but one of great achievement and inspiration.  We need them to teach the sisters….

Who supported you the most throughout your life?
Allaah subhana wa Tala’s guidance have been everything to me.  Besides that my parents and husband have been very supportive.  My parents usually watch my kids as I travel internationally with my husband for the sake of Allaah...and he supports me financially to make all of this happen as well as emotionally believing in me mashAllaah, and taking time off of work to go with me.  Alhamdullilah.

How important is education according to you? What would you advice Muslimahs studying in Universities/Schools/Colleges?
Education is vital to every Muslim out there, weather it is a sister or brother.   However, the means to getting it is another question.  I prefer the sisters get it with safety.  Nowadays anyone can study online, or go to an all Woman’s College…The vehicle to get it in is very important…so we do not fall into fitna inshAllaah..

What steps do you think the male counterparts/Imams/Shuyooks/Elders should take to encourage women to take an active and effective part in the Muslim Ummah.
I think they need to inspire them with female scholar stories, starting from the mother of the believers, and going on forward inshAllaah.

What advice would you give to Muslim women who are being discouraged and don’t have anyone to support/help them realize their dreams.
SubhanAllaah, each one of us needs is Allaah subhana wa Tala.  That’s it, if we have Him by our side then that is all we need, He will give us strength, support and encouragement by giving us peace and sakinah in our lives.  To keep reading the lives of the messengers of Allaah (subhana wa Tala) (PBUT), the sahaba (RA), and the righteous who follow them until the day of Judgment.  That’s all you need.

Success requires hard work – Reality/ Myth?
Reality. Intention, Patience, Hard work, dedication, and motivation are a must.

What is your advice to our sisters about their dreams/aspirations?
a) For the ones that are still deciding and are in their teens or pre-teens. 
Learn your deen so that you may make proper choices about your future inshAllaah. So often we make the wrong choices with thinking that we are doing good…it is very important to learn your deen and understand it inshAllaah, then work on your goals and dreams inshAllaah.
b) For the ones who are married with kids and couldn’t make their dreams come true – is it too late?
It’s never too late inshAllaah to work on your dreams and goals.  It does require alot of patience and perseverance and motivation, but it is never too late.

Is it better to have kids or not have kids with the consent of your husband to achieve your goals in life? What would you advice sisters who want to delay pregnancy till they complete their hifdh or Studies or Phds etc.. 
I would say if you are able to delay it, then do it, but do not delay it beyond 27 0r 28 years old, as we wait too long it is difficult to have babies.  As a personal experience it is tough to study and take care of a family.  Alhamdullilah I do it, but it isn’t easy.

♦ Interviewed by Shamsiya Noorul Quloob ♦

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