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Umm Hamza became a Muslim 13 years ago. She was born and raised in India and now lives in the United States with her husband. She hold’s a Master’s degree in Pharmacy. She believes that everyday we are living a du’a we made once upon a time. She asked Almighty for guidance; and Islam was presented to her by a very special teacher, at a very young age. And that’s when she realized the importance of a good teacher in early childhood. She learnt that early experiences last a lifetime and Al Ghazali’s statement ‘… a child’s innocent heart is a precious element capable of taking impressions’ explains it all. In shaa Allah She will start the training to be a Primary School Teacher soon so that she can teach the leaders of our future ummah about the role models mentioned in the Quran, Hadith and Seerah. She is compelled to share the teachings of Islam with others as best as she can and wants the whole world to realize who we really are in shaa Allah.

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