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The Reality about Cellulite and Stretch Marks


What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a change in the skin’s appearance giving a dimpled or orange peeled effect. This is when fat tissue herniates through the connective tissue above it, causing a skin dimpling effect. And why does it show up less frequently in men than in women? Because female skin is thinner and less porous, making it more noticeable.  Almost 85% of adult women have cellulite, and it’s common to all body types. While being overweight can enhance it, even those who are thin get to experience it. Common areas affected are thighs, gluts, bellies and even arms.

To help reduce its appearance, the most effective ways are diet and exercise. Machine therapy and certain cosmetic products containing retinol (vitamin A) and caffeine are available in the market, though many people advise that they only serve as temporary and expensive ways of reducing the appearance but never eliminate it.

cellulite & stretch marksRemedies

  • Consume less sugar- sugar gets stored in fat cells and cause them to expand. A maximum of 6 teaspoons a day would suffice.
  • Consume less salt as this causes fluid retention, accentuating the appearance of cellulite.
  • Have two teaspoons of flaxseed day, over cereal. It stimulates collagen growth which is a big component of connective tissue.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day- hydrate! Eat food with high water content like melons, cucumbers and leafy greens.
  • Tomato paste, rather than freshly cut tomatoes, contains lycopene which helps to reduce UV sun damage as well as prevents collagen breakdown.
  • Exercise minimizes cellulite and also benefits by keeping stress levels down.

At the point where active changes can’t be made, the best way is to change ones perspective and accept it. The most attractive women are those who practice healthy self-perception, carry themselves with confidence and exude positive energy.

And Stretch Marks?

Virtually 80% of women have them. Stretch marks, also called striea, occur when the skin is subjected to progressive stretching, causing tears linearly in the dermal tissue. The scars that form are stretch marks. It is also genetic but the extent varies depending on what you do. One may experience itchiness due to skin actually tearing and cracking.

Instances when this occurs are during puberty, pregnancy or extreme weight gain or loss. Scars and stretch marks are healthy and normal skin reactions, but they can be unsightly. While no topical treatment can completely remove scarring at this time, there are some options that reduce redness, or decrease the appearance of white lines and improve skin tone.

  • Certain laser treatments are available as non-invasive means to reduce the appearance of marks.
  • Certain creams rich in retinol (Vitamin A) can be applied.
  • But keeping skin hydrated and eating well, can help reduce the risk of stretch marks.
  • The use of Olive oil, and coconut oil –untreated by chemicals, contribute to skin suppleness.
  • Olive oil, Shea butter, and cocoa butter are wonderful ways to increase skins suppleness and moisture. Olive oils can help potentially reduce the appearance of these marks.
  • Applying juiced wheat grass or  lemon juice can promote and reduce pigment and discolouration.

More than anything, a positive attitude towards oneself, and a healthy attitude towards exercise, a healthier diet  and loving your body for the beauty that it is, is a sure way to a more comfortable you.

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