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And He never forgets [19:64]

[Poem] Love and Prayers

Love & Prayers


Yes it seems tough and in a way it is as well,
but on painful memories we can’t sit and dwell.

We need to forgive-forget and move on,
As tomorrow is yet to come and yesterday all gone.

When we feel everything around us is fogged with gloom,
and nothing we see ahead but a haunting doom.

Don’t even think of giving up, even if we need to grope,
looking at the bird with hurt feet but flying, we get back our hope.

We will hurt, get hurt, cry and as well gift our dear ones some tears,
We are humans not angels, we got our dreams and some fears.

The battle we fight the tough journey we silently spent,
All we need to realize is that life’s not for us permanent.

During the life we sometimes are evil and sometimes kind,
We listen to our hearts, as well as having an eye on our mind.

Being humans we shouldn’t look in others for perfection,
Rather mind our lives and look regularly at our own every action.

We all individuals got the same song to live, Only with a different tone,
We all are given a soft heart, which by choice some convert to stone.

Yes pain we’ll experience, living through this tough battle of  life,
Taking care of our loved ones, mother,father, siblings, children, hubby or wife.

But could we have survived without these beautiful relations?
How can we not be thankful to God’s all creations?

These relations teach us about love, honesty,  joy and pain,
Exactly, by investing time in these relations we only gain.

Life is like a colorful rainbow, starts from ground ends in ground.
We are here to learn, experience and grow, not to get bound.

Climb the mountain and then being scared to take steps further,
Not even daring this much, what can we expect from our future.

I would recommend to every beautiful soul, do yourself a big favor,
With faith, hope, belief, love, Imaan – Mix your life’s own flavor.

Live this tough battle of life with strong clear conscious,
Keep in mind the day of judgment, and it’s powerful justice.

Poem by Ummi Hassan
Edited by Unaiza Faiz

Prophet Muhammad - "Convey (knowledge) from me even if it is just one ayah" [Bukhari 3461]

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