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Modern Muslimah Achievers – Ameera Rahim

What is Modern Muslimah Achievers? 

Modern Muslimah Achievers is the brain child and effort of  “The Ideal Muslimah” to motivate, spread awareness and educate Muslim Sisters throughout the world about Muslim Female Achievers. A sincere effort to connect our muslim sister audience to the sisters who have achieved a stand and stance in life. A minor memoir of the struggles, ideals, inspiration, advice and hard work that pushed and molded our Achievers into who they are today.

Full Name  – Ameera RahimAmeera Rahim
Date of Birth and Year – May 27, 1983
Place of Birth – Maryland (USA)
Place of Residence – New York City (USA)
Ethnicity – African American
Marital Status – Married
Number of kids – 5

About Sister Ameera Rahim
My name is Ameera Rahim, I was born and raised in Baltimore, I became Muslim more than 10 yrs ago along with my identical twin sister. We became Muslim after a brief quest of trying to convert a Muslim to christianity. In this process we ourselves were converted and took our shahadah the same day. Up becoming Muslim we dealt with some hardships from family but  that did not shake us in our new found faith. Having worked at two islamic schools, my love has always been education and children. I spent time working with children and knew I would dedicate my life to teaching in some form. Years or so later I married my second husband, moved to new york city and have been educating the community on homeschooling and homemaking. My desire is for women to enjoy their role and realizes that before them Allah has blessed them with a great opportunity to service the community. I have 5 children, who are my motivation and inspiration. Because of them and my wonderful husband I have been motivated to embrace my role as a homemaker, wanting the best for them, but I had to feel good about this, and so I learned that what I am doing is no mere task, and from that point on I have been actively sharing a love of homemaking with others. My family has sense and strive to understand and tolerate a decision that my sister and I believe with help our souls in the long run.

My desire is for women to enjoy their role and realizes that before them Allah has blessed them with a great opportunity to service the community.

Number and Names of Books published
I have alhamdulilah published 3 books
1. Diary Of A Cloth Diaper Muslimah Mama: 30 Days Of Cloth Diapers.
2. Traditional Muslimah Homemaker: Thoughts Of A Domestic Darling.
3. Journey Of A Muslimah Homemaker: Spirituality In Homemaking.

Name of the organization you work for/started
Habeebee Homeschooling and Traditional Muslimah Homemaker

Describe a day in your everyday life
I start my day with fajr prayer to reconnect with Allah and ask Him to guide me on this journey to share with others what I believe and know will make their lives better. I homeschool my children and make time on my free hour to respond to sisters who have questions about homemaking and homeschooling. For speaking engagements my husband travels with me and supports it, at times we speak together and when I am speaking on my own, him and I discuss the topic and work together. I write my books late at night sometimes pulling all nighters because in the end I can really rest in grave (I pray its spacious and sweet smelling) right now the drive is in me to work and serve.

What keeps you consistent in your work?
My husband and children may Allah reward them ameen, my loves are homeschooling and homemaking, my husband and children are key people that help me continue my duties and new ways to grow from them.

As a woman how do you balance work and family life?
I have a supportive husband and there is nothing like a good schedule and routine to keep it in order. To save me from going crazy I have to menu plan and lesson plan, I do it once a week but it makes the whole coming week a lot easier. Chaos is not my friend!

Who is your inspiration?
Wives of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi salaam, and my family, the few sisters who get me and love me, I can call them and vibe with them.

What was your turning point in life?
Besides taking my shahadah, when I woke up and said stop fighting the role Allah has blessed you with. It was a hard road thinking life would be easier going against the role I have, but when I embraced it and asked Allah to help me in it, life got a lot easier, my relationships got a lot better.

As a Muslim woman, have you faced any difficulties in the workplace? And How did you overcome/deal with them?
Thank Allah I have not experienced any thing in my 10 yrs.. before Islam I wore complete hijab as a Christian woman and was still taken in a kind way alhamdulilah. I only had a Christian preacher tell me not to wear hijab and that I did not have to dress like that. Alhamdulilah I carried on and months later ended up taking shahadah and still loving hijab.

Share a funny or embarrassing moment you faced during the course of your work or dawah.
Funny moment, my husband and I was speaking at a conference and our son runs up on the stage to sit with us, he then wants to grab the microphone (he was a new reader and age 3 at the time) my husband wrote on the paper “I love Prophet Muhammad” and our son read it to the audience, he definitely stole the show lol, the people loved that he was reading. Given that we were speaking about education, he came at the perfect time.

Recently Scholars like Dr Akram Nadwi have written about the lost female scholarship, how do you think we can empower woman to attain the same status, dignity and leadership as was present in our rich history?
Right now in USA we are having the Shaykha fest and women of knowledge will be speaking and sharing, this is its second year happening and the response is well received, this is a great way to empower women and let them know that we can still learn and grow in this deen and keep our house clean. The women’s committee in Maryland they host a women’s conference every year, more than 10 yrs going and this is how we keep young women and older women versed in history and knowledge.

Who supported you the most throughout your life?
My husband hands up! (not down 😉 Really, he was the one who said “Ameera, you can do this!” he watched the children so I could finish publishing, he helped me promote the books and took part in writing them. MashaAllah he believed in what was said in the books and wanted for them to be shared. MashaAllah we are Team Rahim, he builds me up with his words but he is not afraid to correct me when things may be in error, he wants the best for me and I for him. MashaAllah

How important is education according to you? What would you advice Muslimahs studying in Universities/Schools/Colleges?
Education is very important not only for ourselves but how can we educate our children if we are not learning? My advice for Muslimhs in Unis and Colleges is to be careful, stay focused, and surround yourself with the Muslims on campus, join the MSA. Ask Allah to guide you and keep you safe in your deen and well being.

What steps do you think the male counterparts/Imams/Shuyooks/Elders should take to encourage women to take an active and effective part in the Muslim Ummah.
Provide proper spacing for women and children so they can feel welcomed at the Masjid and accommodated. Also make sure there are sisters giving talks in the masjid for women, have committees set up for women and programs for children so women do not feel like they cannot go out to the Masjid.

What advice would you give to Muslim women who are being discouraged and don’t have anyone to support/help them realize their dreams.
We do have support, we have the best support.. Allah!!! Turn to Allah, turn to Him often, constantly ask of Him to make the journey easy and increase your patience. Know that Allah will make a way when you thought there was none. And then take baby steps to get your dream accomplished, alhamdulilah writing three books, 5 children, and a husband required baby steps and patience and prayer. You will find supportive sisters online if not in your community and yes be it online, I have benefited mashaAllah from some amazing sisters who really supported me mashaAllah. Sometimes we have to dig deep in ourselves and find that inner drive and motivation mashaAllah, Do not think our success and failures depends on who is there, success comes from Allah. No matter who does not help or try and stop you, if Allah wills it for you to be successful, non supporters can’t stop you.

Sometimes we have to dig deep in ourselves and find that inner drive and motivation mashaAllah, Do not think our success and failures depends on who is there, success comes from Allah.

Success requires hard work – Reality/ Myth?
Reality! Success doesn’t come from thinking about it and thats that. It takes some elbow grease, tightening up the khimar and getting down to work! You have to put effort in to get something out. You don’t get orange juice from looking at an orange, some work has to be done, but once you drink it, you taste the juice of your labor. That juice is fresh and you will want to keep going, alhamdulilah it’s a great feeling to see the results of what we worked for by the permission of Allah alhamdulilah.

Success doesn’t come from thinking about it and thats that. It takes some elbow grease, tightening up the khimar and getting down to work! You have to put effort in to get something out. 

What is your advice to our sisters about their dreams/aspirations.
InshaAllah if you can find a mentor, someone who can advise you and has been there and done that, it would be a blessing. I have mentors, sisters that I love and I can get advice from and help along the way. Besides it is a great way to keep each other going. Sometimes you may feel like you want to give up on your dream seems unobtainable but then sister so and so is right there to tell you keep going and you got it!! I love those kind of sisters mashaAllah, they are out there, trust me! Always ask Allah for help and guidance.

For the ones that are still deciding and are in their teens or pre-teens.
Write a vision statement, what do you want to do? where do you want to be? what do you love? and where do you want it to take you? It’s good to have a journal for thoughts and inspiration. Find sisters that motivate others and inshaAllah you will be able to get that motivation. Good sisterhood is important! It’s been in my life for me to gravitate towards good motivated sisters who are driven to live their dreams. Find one and learn from them inshaAllah!

For the ones who are married with kids and couldn’t make their dreams come true – is it too late?
No it’s not too late!! I’m a mom of 5, alhamdulilah I have written 3 books while nursing my youngest son and homeschooling the other three who are not even 6 yet subhanAllah! We can make the time for our dreams! It might require late nights, tight budgets, and family support..but it’s not too late!

Is it better to have kids or not have kids with the consent of your husband to achieve your goals in life? What would you advice sisters who want to delay pregnancy till they complete their hifdh or Studies or Phds etc..
This is something that spouses have to work out together!! Also just because a sister is pregnant or with child does not mean she cannot complete her studies. It will take some support from her husband and family but it can be accomplished. Even online studying is an option.

♦ Interviewed by Shamsiya Noorul Quloob ♦

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  1. Alhamdoo leelah for the blessing of being married to an amazing wife, help-mate & soul-mate in Islam, for life & eternally beyond Be ith neellah.. Sister Ameera is an inspiration to many & im happy to be one of them. May Allah ta ala magnify the reward of my wife for life & accept the efforts made for the love-sake of Allah ta ala & grant assistance to all who are striving for His Cause in all sincerity & goodness. Ameen Allah Ameen

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