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The Purpose of Hijab!

The Reason of hijaab


It is good to see that most sisters of today are adapting the hijab to their life style, Alhamdulillah. Yet it is sad to see some sisters have totally forgotten the whole purpose of wearing the hijab. The purpose of the hijab is to obey Allah’s orders and wearing the Hijab should be to please Him and not the world.

If you are seriously thinking of wearing the Hijab(scarf+Abaya) think why you choose to wear it, know the purpose of wearing it without following the trend. there are some Abayas our sisters wear, where those Abayas need another abaya to cover its glamour.

Six criteria for Hijab

According to Quran and Sunnah, there are basically six criteria for observing Hijab:

The first criterion is the extent of the body that should be covered. This is the different for men and women. The extent of covering obligatory on the male is to cover the body at least from the navel to the knees. For women, the extent of covering obligatory is to cover the complete body except the face and the hands upto the wrist. If they wish to, they can cover even these parts of the body. Some scholars of Islam insist that face and the hands are part of the obligatory extent of hijab.

All the remaining 5 criteria are the same for men and women.

  1. The cloths worn should be loose and should not reveal the figure.
  2. The clothes worn should not be transparent such that one can see through them.
  3. The clothes worn should not be so glamorous so as to attract the opposite sex.
  4. The clothes worn should not resemble that of opposite sex.
  5. The clothes worn should not resemble that of the unbelievers i.e. they should not wear clothes that are specifically identities or symbols of the unbeliever’s religions..

Hijab includes conduct and behavior among other things.

Complete hijab besides the six criteria of clothing, also includes the moral conduct, behavior, attitude and intention of the individual. A person only fulfilling the criteria of hijab of the clothes is observing hijab in a limited sense. Hijab of the clothes should be accompanied by hijab of the eyes, hijab of the heart, of the thought and hijab of intention. It also includes the way a person walks, the way a person talks, and the way he/she behaves.

Authored by Zaneefa Zaneer ♦ To Read more about the Author CLICK HERE
Edited by Nasmira Firdous ♦ To Read more about the Editor CLICK HERE

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